Amazon Interview Deep Dives

Develop deep interview intuition by shadowing an experienced ex-Amazon Hiring Manager and interviewer.

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In a Nutshell

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  • What are Amazon Interview Deep-Dives?

    Amazon Interview Deep-Dives is a new Amazon interview preparation online course. It features six fully deconstructed Amazon interview coaching sessions with extra in-depth feedback added by the interviewer.

  • What do Amazon Interview Deep-Dives look and sound like?

    Imagine a Day One Careers signature coaching session with extra candidate performance feedback added into the flow of the session as it is progressing.

  • What is the purpose of Amazon Interview Deep-Dives?

    The purpose of Amazon Interview Deep-Dives is to offer candidates an opportunity to train their Amazon interview intuition by, effectively, shadowing an interviewer. It is the closest experience to getting into the mind of an interviewer.

  • Who are Amazon Interview Deep-Dives for?

    While Amazon Interview Deep-Dives will help any Amazon candidates to improve interview skills, the primary audience are those who are in their final stages of interview preparation (e.g. they understand the 14 Leadership Principles, understand STAR format).

What You Will Learn

  • How to avoid common pitfalls

    You will recognise common interview pitfalls and will learn to avoid them.

  • How to pick the right situations

    You will develop an intuitive feel for how to pick the right situations to map to the 14 Leadership Principles.

  • How to use context to your advantage

    You will appreciate the power of context in driving interview clarity and impact.

  • How to structure your STAR narrative

    You will be able to intuitively recognised well-structured STAR narratives and use the learnings during yout interviews.

  • How to focus the narrative for maximum impact

    You will develop an intuitive understanding of how to keep the stories focused just on the facts and details that drive impact.

  • What great sounds like

    You will develop an intuitive understanding on what distinguishes a successful interview from an unsuccessful one.

You Are In Great hands

I spent 3 years at Amazon in EU Retail as a Hiring Manager and Interviewer. I interviewed experienced candidates, MBAs, fresh grads and Amazonians looking to move teams. After leaving Amazon, I trained over 200 candidates via courses and coaching.

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  • Amazon Interview Deep-Dives

    Develop deep Amazon interview intuition
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      In-depth feedback from an ex-Amazon Hiring Manager and Interviewer
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      Learn from an ex-Amazon hiring manager and interviewer