The Ultimate Amazon Interview Preparation Game Plan

For candidates who stop at NOTHING to maximise their chances of a job offer.


Amazon interview in the diary? Get the Amazon interview preparation plan that leaves no stone unturned!

Let's be candid. Most people don't get invited to interview with Amazon. If you're one of the lucky ones, you should not try to "wing it" and coast into your loops without an Amazon interview preparation plan. Amazon is known to be quick to say "no" to candidates that don't raise the bar on its core competencies (the 14 Leadership Principles). Their interview process and culture are way too peculiar to handle without a proper preparation routine in place. It's time to get serious because it's the only attitude that maximises your chances to land an offer. Thankfully, you have come to the right place.

The Ultimate Amazon Interview Preparation Game Plan

A proven 5-step appcoach developed by an experienced ex-Amazon Hiring Manager and interview coach who helped his students land L4-L7 offers.

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    Master the 14 Leadership Principles

    Amazon interview preparation has to start with learning Amazon's core competencies - its 14 Leadership Principles. We recommend learning the 14 LPs from those who worked at Amazon and experienced them "with their own skin". We recommend Amazon Interview Bootcamp - an all-inclusive online training that gives you the inside scoop on Amazon's Leadership Principles.

    Amazon lps
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    Master the STAR Method

    Amazon relies 100% on behavioural interviewing techniques to assess your non-technical fit. This is why your Amazon interview prepraration needs to cover STAR Method - a technique of converting real-life career examples into short and impactful stories. You need to become an absolute PRO at this technique. We recommend STAR Method Bootcamp, an online training that teaches you a proprietary, Amazon-tuned storytelling framework designed for maximum interview impact.

    Job interview
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    Develop Interview Intuition

    While you are studying the 14 Leadership Principles and perfecting your STAR Method, you also need to develop an intuition for what makes a great interview. We recommend Amazon Interview Deep-Dives - an online course that gives you an unprecedented opportunity to shadow an experienced ex-Amazon interviewer while performing a live assessment of the candidate's performance.

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    Get Expert Feedback on Your Interview Performance

    Amazon Interview Coaching with Day One Careers leaves candidates with eye-opening insights on their interview performance and plenty of actional feedback. We highly recommend to book a 1-2-1 Amazon Interview Coaching session with one of our Executive Coaches (try to avoid last-minute booking as slots are in demand).

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    Practice with Partners

    Join our Interview Preparation Community and find interview partners (it's FREE, and you'll get a taster course!). Schedule at least 5 mock interviews and give each other feedback on your performance. For best results (for both partners), complete steps 1-4.



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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you have questions. If yours is not answered here, feel free to join Day One Careers community (FREE) and ask away.

  • Why should I trust your expertise?

    Day One Careers was founded by an ex-Amazon Hiring Manager and Interviewer who trained over 200 candidates since leaving Amazon and helped land L4-L7 offers. We have just recruited a career Amazonian to expand our coaching capacity. Since August 2020, we have helped secure over 50 job offers (excluding those that our students did not inform us about, obviously).

  • Can you guarantee an offer?

    No Amazon interview preparation plan can guarantee an offer. If anyone made this promise to you, run away fast. With our resources, we believe that you will get the best Amazon interview preparation possible. But you do need to bring your chops and some luck to the table.

  • Are your courses and coaching worth the investment?

    We recommend our products to fuel your Amazon interview preparation plan because we are 100% behind the quality and ROI on the investment required. Just look at the unfiltered testimonials from our community.

  • Do you provide canned answers to Amazon interview questions?

    No. This goes against our tenets. We believe that interview preparation products should enable candidates to present their hard-earned accomplishments in the best light possible. But we won't write your career history for you, and we discourage all candidates from the temptation to invent situations that did not happen.