System Design Interview Coaching

Our NEW 1-2-1 coaching service that offers actionable feedback and improvement areas on your system design interview performance.

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System Design Interview Coaching

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  • What is System Design Interview Coaching?

    System Design Interview Coaching with Day One Careers is our new 1-2-1 service that offers great tips and tricks about your system design interview readiness and performance.

  • How does a System Design Interview Coaching session run?

    The session runs for one hour. During the session, we will typically work through a frequently asked system design question with a whiteboard tool. You can expect around 30 min of feedback per 60 min session.

  • What can I expect to improve after a System Design Interview Coaching session?

    Most candidates will leave our sessions with eye-opening insights. You can expect to improve your ability to discuss tradeoffs for different technologies to use, how to clarify requirements, and widen your perspective on security. Most importantly, you will improve your interview confidence, which will have a direct positive impact on your interview performance.

  • Are there any extras or discounts for System Design interview coaching clients?

    All coaching clients are eligible for $50 off The Ultimate Course Bundle, which covers your non-technical (behvaioural) interview prep with Amazon.

  • Who is System Design Interview Coaching for?

    This service will benefit any candidates who are about to interview with Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple or any other tech company that assesses technical candidates on system design.

  • Do you have any prerequisites for the session?

    No, but it is highly advised that potential coaching clients familiarise themselves with the basic structure of a system design interview. We will soon launch a system design interview course via Day One Careers online courses.

  • Do you provide a session transcript and/or a copy of the whiteboard?

    Yes, as a FREE add-on. You will be sent a PDF copy of the whiteboard exercise. We will need to record the session in order to transcribe it.

You are in Great Hands

Your Amazon interview coaches come with extensive exprience interviewing canaidates at Amazon and other FAANG businesses while recruiting for their own teams and their partner teams. We have interviewed experienced candidates, MBAs, fresh grads and Amazonians looking to move teams. We interviewed both technical and non-technical candidates.

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Meet Your Coach

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    Visiting Coach

    Amazonian, SDM. Passionate about dveloping helping candidates succeed. Specialises in System Design and Behavioural (Leadership Principles) Interview Coaching.

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