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Day One Careers is the home of interview preparation that helped candidates land L4-L8 (Director) jobs at Amazon. Designed by ex-Amazon Senior Leaders and Bar Raisers. Recommended to candidates by Amazon recruiters.

Amazon Interview Preparation

Our Amazon interview preparation is based on thousands of hours interviewing and many hundreds of hires for Amazon.

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    Over 1,000,000 views of our FREE YouTube videos have kick-started candidates Amazon interview preparation.
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    Over 2000 students joined our FREE community to connect with motivated candidates and find interview partners.
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    Over 2000 students invested in our courses and coaching programmes to take their Amazon interview preparation to the next level.

Amazon Interview Whizz

Get absolutely everything you need to prepare for behavioural interviews at Amazon. 

Our students landed L4-L8 (Director) jobs across AWS, Retail, Prime Video, Amazon Games, Operations and Amazon Care.

Amazon interview preparation

Behavioural Interview Whizz

Learn to answer behavioural interview questions like a pro.

Get insights and strategies from ex-FAANG Senior Leaders who have interviewed thousands of candidates from junior to Director level.

Amazon interview preparation

Amazon Interview Coaching

Get 1-2-1 support with your Amazon interview preparation from Day One Careers Founders and Executive ex-Amazon coaches. Catapult your preparation to the next level and impress your interviewers.

Amazon interview preparation

Big Tech Resume Review

Increase your chances of landing that Big Tech interview with a personalised resume review from an experienced Amazon recruiter.

Amazon interview preparation

About Our Founders

  • Amazon interview preparation
    Ex-Amazon Bar Raiser and the Original Amazon Interview Whizz. 20+ years experience in leading teams in Big Tech organisations.
  • Amazon interview preparation
    Ex-Amazon and ex-Apple Senior Leader and Hiring Manager. 18+ years experience in leading teams in global Fortune 500 businesses, hiring and interviewing.