Amazon Interview Coaching

Get 1-2-1 support from our elite team of ex-Amazon Hiring Managers, Bar Rasiers and Interviewers to help you take your Amazon interview preparation to the max.

Amazon interview coaching

Amazon Interview Coaching

in a nutshell

  • What is Amazon Interview Coaching?

    Amazon Interview Coaching with Day One Careers is our signature 1-2-1 service that offers unparallel insights about your Amazon behavioural interview readiness and performance.

  • How does an Amazon Interview Coaching session run?

    The session runs for 90 mins. During the session, we will typically work through your answers to 3-4 behavioural interview questions, each based on one Leadership Principle. You can expect around 45 min of feedback per 90 min session.

  • What can I expect to improve after an Amazon Interview Coaching session?

    Most candidates leave our sessions with eye-opening insights. You can expect to improve your ability to pick the right examples, your story-telling, narrative brevity (crispness) and the ability to demonstrate business impact. Most importantly, you will improve your interview confidence, which will have a direct positive impact on your interview performance.

  • Can you guarantee availability?

    Our in-person coaching services are in high demand. While we will do all we can to accommodate most candidates, we cannot guarantee availability.

  • Who is Amazon Interview Coaching for?

    This service will benefit any candidates who are about to interview with Amazon for either technical or non-technical roles.

  • Do you have any pre-requisites for the session?

    No. But we strongly suggest candidates first take one of our digital courses. From our experience candidates get materially better value from 1-2-1 expertise if they have achieved a solid foundational set of stories before attending.

  • How much do Amazon Interview coaching sessions cost?

    The current fee for Amazon Interview Coaching sessions is $250 for a 90 minute session.

  • Can I get a recording from the Amazon interview coaching session?

    Yes- we provide recordings of your Amazon interview coaching session. This will be deleted after 6 months. 

Session Pricing

  • Amazon Interview Coaching

    relevant for all job families
    90 min session
    • ✓
      Experienced Amazon interviewer
    • ✓
      Amazon style questions
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      Amazon style drill downs & follow ups
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      Detailed feedback on improvement areas
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      Recording of session

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You are in great hands. Your Amazon interview coaching team has helped hundreds of candidates prepare for their interviews.
  • Gg new headshot marigold small
    Ex-Amazon Bar Raiser and the Original Amazon Interview Whizz. 20+ years experience in leading teams. Passionate and straight-talking interview coach.
  • Egeny headshot marigold small
    Ex-Amazon and ex-Apple Senior Leader and Hiring Manager. 18+ years experience in leading teams. Expert Amazon interview coach. Behavioural interview specialist.
  • Coach mel headshot marigold
    Executive Coach
    Ex-Amazon and ex-Microsoft Senior Leader with over 10 years of experience in Big Tech. Accomplished interview coach offering direct, thoughtful feedback to help you tell your story.
  • Amazon interview coaching
    Executive coach
    Ex-Amazon Senior Leader, Hiring Manager and Bar Raiser with 7+ years of experience.

Cancellation Wait List

If you can't find a slot with a coach you can place your name on our cancellation waitlist. We have a no cancellations policy but do occasionally have slots become available.