Amazon Interview Coaching

Our signature 1-2-1 coaching service that offers in-depth, actionable feedback on your Amazon interview performance.

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Amazon Interview Coaching

in a nutshell

  • What is Amazon Interview Coaching?

    Amazon Interview Coaching with Day One Careers is our signature 1-2-1 service that offers unparallel insights about your Amazon behavioural interview readiness and performance.

  • How does an Amazon Interview Coaching session run?

    The session runs for one hour. During the session, we will typically work through your answers to two behavioural interview questions, each based on one Leadership Principle. You can expect around 30 min of feedback per 60 min session.

  • What can I expect to improve after an Amazon Interview Coaching session?

    Most candidates leave our sessions with eye-opening insights. You can expect to improve your ability to pick the right examples, your story-telling, narrative brevity (crispiness) and the ability to demonstrate business impact. Most importantly, you will improve your interview confidence, which will have a direct positive impact on your interview performance.

  • Who is Amazon Interview Coaching for?

    This service will benefit any candidates who are about to interview with Amazon for either technical or non-technical roles.

  • Do you have any pre-requisites for the session?

    No, but it is highly advised that potential coaching clients familiarise themselves with Amazon's 14 Leadership Principles and prepare 2-3 situations per Leadership Principle. The best way to do so is via Day One Careers online courses.

  • Do you provide a session transcript?

    Yes, as a FREE add-on. We will need to record the session in order to transcribe it.

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Eugene is incredibly knowledgeable about the Amazon interview process and is able to provide very, very insightful feedback on your responses. He was excellent at highlighting the positive aspects of my responses as well providing frank feedback on where they could have improved. I highly recommend the interview coaching to anyone preparing for an Amazon interview.


L7 Candidate

You are in Great Hands

Your Amazon interview coaches come with extensive exprience interviewing canaidates at Amazon while recruiting for their own teams and their partner teams. We have interviewed experienced candidates, MBAs, fresh grads and Amazonians looking to move teams.

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Meet Your Coaches

  • Amazon Interview Coaching with Eugene B
    Eugene B

    Eugene is the founder of Day One Careers and an ex-Amazonian with over 3 years of experience in EU Retail.

  • Amazon Interview Coaching with Melissa D
    Melanie F
    Executive Coach

    Melanie is a career Amazonian with over 7 years of experience in the US and EU Retail organisations.

Is Amazon Interview Coaching Worth it?

Here is what our students had to say.

"I can’t say enough good things about Eugene’s course and the coaching session I have with him. If you’re on the fence, it’s well worth it. "

Chris S. (L6 Candidate)

"As to feedback on (D1C) coaching and content, 2 words "It's AWESOME". Please use the training videos package from the site then get down to jotting your stories in STAR. Do the first mock call with (Eugene) and he will help you refine your stories. Mock with the entire group here - it's the most valuable asset. 2 days before the loop do one more mock with the coach. Thanks (Eugene) for all the help."

Raj (Discord Community)

"I cannot begin to thank Eugene for helping all through. The guidance was always spot on! Several nuances such as "think about something relatable from the interviewer's perspective", "plan the situation with further detail", "look at (scalability)", "spin your stories", and so many more. Each one came in handy and helped sail through the five conversations!"

Mrikha (Discord Community)

"As I posted yesterday, I am scheduled for The loop. I bought a coaching session from Eugene.
If you are about to go to The Loop, I STRONGLY encourage you to take advantage of this. I found it helped me clarify my approach, gave me a real sense of the questions and intensity that I suspect I will face.
To me, it was worth every penny- I strongly endorse it."

Tom C.

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